Saturday, 13 December 2014

January: I Want List

I've put a self-imposed spending ban on unnecessary items for the next few months. Could you almost call it a spending diet. 

This doesn't take away the urge to window shop. 

So far Winter hasn't really hit here in the East Riding, and it is still positively mild. I was still walking to work without a coat right up until Christmas it has been that unseasonal. With this in mind my eye is looking to Spring-like items. 

From Yours Clothing

How gorgeous is this Navy and White Block Stripe Skater Dress from Yours Clothing? It is coming soon, and at £35 I wouldn't want to miss it. There is a keyhole neckline to break the eye up, but without showing too much cleavage. I'd even be tempted to give this a go in the office, or for an event, Christening or Wedding perhaps. Add a pair of red heels and a clutch. Jobs a good un. 

from Office
From Dorothy Perkins

Then I'm also thinking of some casual wear. I'm drawn to vest tops and indigo jeans with a plethora of scarfs. 

Lately there have been some fabulous options on Keep an eye out as their stock sells out fast, but equally quickly new items also arrive. 

I already have this number. 

I just need to find a non-greying white vest to wear it with!

This Gothic Skull Scarf is also rather eye-catching at £13

Now all I have to do is avoid the shops... and unlink my cards from paypal. 

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