Monday, 5 May 2014

My Life Monday: Dieting Rollercoaster

After talking about my skin outbreaks a couple of weeks ago I have overhauled my diet pretty much completely.

As a bigger girl I still love clothes, shoes and make-up. What I don't like is being the bigger end of plus size.

It is much better than it used to be, but when you peak at a 30/32 it's not fun. You don't get the clean lines that many items require, may be from front profile, but once you get looked at from the side - it's just not quite right. That's talking as a person that has no bum, I have one heck of a curvature in my spine.

I say this as an opportunity has arrived for me to do something I love doing, but I only have 100 days to get ready for it. I'm currently 20 days in. And I have lost 1st 11lbs since mid-February.

You can follow my journey over at I post a daily journal and photo food diary.

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